Worship Ministries

This is a quick overview of each of the ministries that support the worship at Resurrection. Talk to Mother Sandy for how you can get involved!

Greeters stand near the glass doors in the Narthex before worship services to welcome each person into our sanctuary. They greet everyone with a smile, wanting to make each person feel welcomed. In addition, they help with name tags for newcomers, following up with a permanent name tag request, if applicable.

Ushers perform a number of important tasks before and during our worship services. Some of these responsibilities include: passing the offertory plates and presenting them at the altar; guiding the congregation to the communion rail; helping to tidy the sanctuary at the end of the service by replacing books and picking up items left behind. Ushers are led by a Bishop’s Committee member and work together in teams to help worship services to run smoothly.

Lectors (Readers)
Lectors read the day’s appointed Scriptures from the lectern at the front of the church and lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People. Lectors are those who enjoy reading aloud and who are committed to practicing their assigned readings ahead of time in order to read clearly, confidently, and correctly.

Chalice Bearers/ Eucharistic Ministers
Chalice bearers are specially trained and licensed to assist the priest by administering the chalice during the Eucharist.

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is a group of lay volunteers who work “behind the scenes,” caring for the physical elements of our worship – the altar, altar linens, vestments, and vessels. They prepare the sanctuary for worship, then clean the vessels and tidy the sacristy after the service is over.

The choir is comprised of volunteers who like to sing, are excited to learn new music, and enjoy helping to lead the congregation in the singing of hymns and service music. Led by the Director of Music, the choir sings at the 9:30 service. Rehearsals are currently held at 6:00pm each Thursday and 9:00am each Sunday to prepare music for the upcoming service; choir members are expected to attend rehearsals and services as regularly as possible.

Coffee Hour
Volunteers are needed to bring food/goodies for Sunday morning coffee hour. There is a sign-up sheet located in St. Bernard’s Hall (SBH). All that is required is to bring your food to SBH before the service and our Coffee Hour Host will handle things from there. In the coming months, we will be asking for volunteers to come and prepare coffee as well.

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